Accurate Transcription & Advanced Legal Videography



Provided to court reporters to assist in turning around transcripts, allowing reporters to do more work

Can be done with or without audio

Skilled on Digital CAT and Case Catalyst, with capabilities of working with other software.


Provided to any individual needing a second look at their documents.  A skilled proofreader prevents many embarrassing errors and helps create a readable, understandable, grammatically correct document.


What will the transcript consist of?

For legal transcripts, your documents will include a title page, appearance page, index page, and certification page.  Unless otherwise specified, the transcript will be a easily readable document containing all vocalized, understandable speech.  This does not include stutters, false starts consisting of syllables of a word, and pausing sounds such as um and uh. 

How long does it take to transcribe a document?

Generally it takes a minimum 3 to 4 times as long to transcribe the audio/video as the length of the recording. This is because we listen to it fully at least twice, and in places where the recording is garbled or not easily understood, we may have to listen to those areas multiple times.  Once the transcript is completed, it is followed up by a thorough proofreading by audio ensuring the highest quality transcript available.

The quality of your recording will also determine the amount of time spent transcribing the audio/video.  Here are some tips of getting better quality from your recordings.


Generally digital recordings record better quality than tape recordings. However, if you have the recorder in a pocket or positioned away from the speakers, this quality can be just as poor as a poor tape recording. 

If you are in a position to do so, consider using high-quality recording equipment, including microphones for each speaker or table of speakers.

If possible, provide a list of speakers and terms or names used during the recording.  A written form is available on the Contact Us tab that can be used to fill out this information.

If you have the opportunity to choose the ideal environment, indoors is best, away from room air conditioners, elevators, and cleaning equipment.Environments where there are many other conversations or music in the background make it almost impossible to pick out the recording you are trying to make.

Try to test your equipment prior to using it to ensure the best quality you can get.

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